The story of

your power

Explore your relationship with power
and the good and not so helpful stories
you have around it. 

with Simon Berkowitz & Katharina Zuleger

The story you tell yourself

about your journey determines how you show up in the world. If you can't see the meaning, power, and beauty in your challenges, detours, and the parts which feel broken, you will try to cover that up through acting and perfectionism or you will procrastinate. 

In this workshop, we invite you to explore your relationship with your natural, intrinsic power. Because every time you express yourself you have the chance to come from a felt sense of your value and deep appreciation of your unique spark. This is the way you give your contribution and experience the deepest sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

A series of 3 workshops for entrepreneurs, who want to 

- make a contribution to a world in need.
- express what is important and sacred for them. 
- show up more wholeheartedly and courageously in their work.
- have a better understanding of what they have to give naturally, without manipulation or pretending.

Friday, 11th of June 2021 from 10-11.30 UK / 11.00 - 12.30 CET (Berlin time) 
Tuesday 22nd of June from 17.30 - 19.00 UK / 18.30 - 20.00 CET
Tuesday, 6th of July from 17.30 - 19.00 UK / 18.30 - 20.00 CET


Ulrike Bergmann

The workshop showed me how my story follows my state of being and that I can regulate this to connect with my life's story or stories on a more profound and deeper level. 

Ulrike Bergmann Die Mutmacherin
Gabriele Aigner


What wonderful, appreciating, regardful work. Thank you very much!

Gabriele Aigner couple therapist

How we work:

We meet online on zoom.us for 90 Minutes.
We work with inquiry, movement, constellation, somatic coaching, and your voice. 
After a short introduction to the topic, you will work with a buddy in various breakout sessions. This means that you will access your body's wisdom and connection to your inner guidance.
Of course, we will show you how it works beforehand. You are welcome to keep exploring with your buddy after the workshop if you enjoy working together. 

Who is it for:
- You are an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to contribute to a world in need. You have already found success in your chosen line but feel that something is blocking you from having your fullest impact and this is frustrating.
- You have experience in personal developmental work, you can deeply listen and you are comfortable talking about your journey, your talents, and your challenges.
- You want to find your own best expression, not put in place a cookie-cutter approach designed by someone else. 

What this workshop is not:
Our goal is to help entrepreneurs feel more clear and confident
about who they are, be able to communicate that in an embodied way,  
and meet like-minded spirits. 

There are a few things these workshops are not aimed at.
It’s not to say that these areas won’t be impacted, 
only that our focus is not on getting results here.

Most importantly this is not about pretense. It is not about speaking techniques, story techniques, or any other business technique. It’s about moving deeper into your power through understanding and exploring your story and expressing yourself from this place of your true authentic power.  

You probably won’t add a million to your revenue in a week or two. 
And you won't get a quick, neat "zero to hero" success story to put on your homepage. 

Also, this is not a therapy space. We are assuming that you are not in an active trauma process and that you have done enough work on yourself to know the importance of nervous system regulation.


About us and why we do this workshop 

We have been mastermind-buddies for the last 4 years and explored a lot of topics around power, creativity, and self-expression. 
In our work together it has become clear that many problems around visibility and purpose are rooted in our fears of being wholehearted leaders.​
For that, we want to create safe and fun places to explore authentic power. 

We also help our clients in our individual coaching practices to
find their authentic voice through reconnection to Self, the body, and lost aspects of essence. 

Currently, these workshops are run on a "pay what you can" - donation basis.
You are welcome to join for free and we appreciate a contribution to our work.
We will send you a PayPal link after the workshop. 

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at simon@simonberkowitz.com

….or if you're ready to join us for the workshops then sign up below and we'll send you details.

 You can register here for the workshop:

When you decide to join:
- You can come to one or all the workshops - we will work with different power- facets, and techniques. 
- Bring a pen and paper, a timer and a glass of water.
- Be on time. We don’t do reruns of the introduction.
- check your audio settings before you enter the meeting to make sure your microphone is working
- You have to be willing to be visible on camera and to engage with buddies. 
- And you can’t multitask (sorry, your ironing has to wait…)